Return Policy

In case, if you don’t satisfy with the supplement you bought, you will have a chance to get refund after contacting our customer service department. Refunds will be conditional on the terms that you should not use the product. You will be given 30 days starting from the day you receive the supplement. There are following conditions need to be met in order to claim a refund:

Full name:

Full Address:

Name of the Supplement you need to return:

You will need to give your full information. If the information is incomplete, your refund process might be delayed.

For a single product, you can’t claim refunds multiple times unless the product delivered has some major defects or damages.

We do have rights to not accept your refund if you have been requesting your refunds repeatedly or in a bad faith.

We will process your refunds at our earliest but it might take up to a month to appear on your given Debit or Credit card statement depends upon your credit rules or Bank billing.

We will not be held responsible for any claiming product that gets stolen or lost during transit to us. That’s the reason; we appreciate some sort of delivery confirmation system to make sure of proper delivery of returned products.

If you do have queries related to Refund/Return Process, Don’t hesitate to contact with our online customer service Department.