Privacy Policy always care of your privacy. We value your privacy, we know how critical it might be if anyone leaks your personal information. That’s why, we don’t disclose  your shared information. We will not sale or share your contact details and any type of personal information to any third party. More than that, we do have a system in place which stores your personal information and details with secure and up to date encryption techniques. It ensures that your information will remain secure and safe.

How do we collect your contact details and personal information?

We don’t need any type of personal information if you are just visiting our website for sake of information and reviews on different supplements and products. You can easily gather the information useful for you about various featured products. There are a couple of cases in which you will be asked to share your personal information and details. These are the following:

If you place orders for products we offer

If you claim for free trial offers

If you subscribe to our notifications and letters

If you use our promotional contents

If you send any request or enquiry

This is the way, your information have been used in some circumstances, if it is needed, otherwise the information you shared with us will be keep confidential and secret. Don’t forget, we have been using latest available technologies to take care of cookies and we have been maintaining the service of our website users with best browsing experience. We keep our employees bound by our mentioned privacy policy and if any employee try to violate our privacy policy he/s he will be terminated that results into cancelation of our contract with him/her.

How do we use your collected personal information:

There are two major purposes we need your personal information for:

  • In case, we receive any request or enquiry. Your information will be used to provide you with feedback or solutions.
  • We always value our customers by providing them with our best service. Hence, we use the saved data for making improvements.

It’s the sure thing that all your information and details shared with us will be kept secured and safe. We do have trust on our team and employees that they will never share your information and will not misuse it any way.

How your information is being Stored

For safety measures, a systematic safety system have been in place that ensures the safety of your shared information. Our databases and serves have been encrypted with secure passwords. We provide limited access to stored information to maintain the security over the databases gateways. We keep reviewing our processing and storage practices, information collection to make sure that any unauthorized person should not have access to data. We have been emphasizing that all your obtained information will not be used for any of our personal or non-personal use. have been linked to many of external sites. We will not be held responsible if your information have been used out of our website. We always recommend you to study carefully all the mentioned terms and conditions before you click on any link. All we need, we should be at the top of the list in the industry providing services to customers.